In order to keep the lab as accessible as possible, we offer specially discounted printing 1 day per week. And we call it... Open Access Saturday!

During Open Access Saturday, lab users receive 1/2 of all printing costs! (please note that this does not include PAPERSTOCK). It's that simple. Open Access Saturday begins the moment we open the doors (10:00 AM) to the moment we lock them again (6:00 PM). Equipment reservations for Open Access Saturday can be made up to 1 week in advance. Reservations are limited to a single block of 4 hours, though lab users are free to continue working if no one else is waiting. We want for this initiative to help make the lab accessible to all types of makers, including working artists. If you have a full-time job on Saturdays that consistently keeps you from taking advantage of Open Access Saturday, please let us know. 

For example:
On Monday you decide you want to try printing your work on a brand new, fine art inkjet paper. You call us and make a reservation on one of our 17" Epson 4900s for Saturday. "See you then!" we say. The rest of the week passes slowly, and by Saturday morning you're itching to get to work. At 10:00 AM on the dot we open the door and you rush in with your paper roll and a thumb drive. After quickly paying the standard $10/day membership charge you set up at a station and start printing. Four glorious hours later you have a stack of images that leave us stunned by their beauty. Amazing! You pay $0.015/square inch for your prints and head out the door. By the end of the weekend you've lined up a book deal, two special commissions, and a solo museum show. Since the museum is big, you email us to make another reservation for next week. You're going to need more prints! "Great!" we say. "See you then!"

Questions? Email us!