Courtesy Hedrich Blessing Photographers

To make museum-quality work you need high-end equipment, a controlled production environment, and the knowledge to make the most of both. LATITUDE's goal is to provide access to these resources, whether you choose to produce your own work in the lab (the DIY option) or you commission us to produce it for you (the service bureau option). Below is an overview of our lab equipment and environment, complete with a room by room breakdown. We hope this helps give you a sense of the lab space and workflow. 

Warning: the descriptions of our equipment and lab environment are a little bit geeky! Please keep in mind that we're always happy to help if you have questions about what equipment is best for you. 


Epson 4900 (2): uses both Epson Matte and Photo Black inks



Epson 9900: prints up to 44 inches, uses K7 Neutral Piezography inks (learn more about Piezography, a specialty black & white printing!)

Epson 9890: prints up to 44 inches, uses both Epson Matte and Photo Black inks

Epson 9800: prints up to 44 inches, can use both Epson Matte and Photo Black inks; experimental materials welcome (e.g. canvas, linen, aluminum...)! 

Canon PRO 4000: prints up to 44 inches



Scanmate 11000 Drum Scanner: for medium and small format film

Scanmate 4000 Drum Scanner: for large format film

(2) Epson 750vPRO Flatbed Scanners (9.5x11 inches):  for transparent and reflective materials


Each workstation is equipped with a 27 inch NEC MultiSync PA271W monitor positioned on the left for precisely tuned proofing of color and tonality. Each station also has a Dell monitor (either 22 or 24 inches) positioned on the right for Finder access, toolbars, browsing, and general use. Both monitors are color calibrated on a regular basis using an X-Rite i1Pro 2 Spectrophotometer



Our computer power towers are built to give you the speed you need when editing large files. Software available for use includes:

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

Capture One

CF Systems for color negative inversion

CQ Scan

Flex Color

i1 Profiler

Quad Tone RIP

StudioPrint 14



Papers available for immediate use--details HERE!

We use a self-designed lighting system in the lab to ensure highly accurate image editing and proofing. The lab itself is divided into three rooms: the production room, the viewing room, and the scanning room. 

The scanning room, where visitors can scan film, prints, transparencies, and other materials. This room has a closable door, a humidifier, and a dehumidifier so that we can standardize the space's atmospheric conditions. This can be important in reducing the amount of static when working with film. In addition to the scanners listed above, the room includes 2 light tables with loupes for viewing negatives and transparencies.

The printing room, where visitors edit their images at our computer stations and create prints, uses up-turned track lights that reflect off the ceiling, creating diffuse, even lighting conditions throughout the space. For attentive editing we pull down the blackout blinds on the room's many windows and dim the track lights, thereby creating an environment where our professional-grade monitors are the brightest objects in the room. For editors, this ensures that their eyes see on-screen images as accurately as possible. For relaxed editing and general hanging out in the lab we raise the blinds and enjoy the space's beautiful light. 

The viewing room, where visitors review and proof their prints, has an even more flexible lighting system. There are three large windows which can be used to view prints in daylight conditions, or which can be blacked out using blinds. There is also a large production table, where prints can be viewed and trimmed using our 40", 60", or 90" print trimmers. Most importantly, there is a large viewing wall that uses two lines of independent track lights, both using Solux MR16 Halogen bulbs. One line has bulbs set at a color temperature of 4700 Kelvin, replicating cool daylight/contemporary gallery conditions. The other line is set at a color temperature of 3500 Kelvin, replicating traditional museum and gallery conditions. Visitors are able to view their prints at either color temperature and can make adjustments accordingly. Members can also use this area to take installation shots or host studio visits. Interested in reserving the space for a studio visit? Email us!

In addition to professional equipment and viewing conditions, LATITUDE also features amenities that allow the lab to function as a comfortable and complete studio. These include:

  • Flat files for print storage - Available for rental
  • Shelving for paper storage - Available for rental
  • Production tables for viewing, trimming, matting, sequencing, bookbinding, etc.
  • 36 inch uni-directional trimmer
  • 44 inch bi-directional roto-trimmer
  • 90 inch bi-directional trimmer
  • Comfy seating area with a coffee table where visitors can eat, sip, chat, or simply sit and take a calming break from their workflow.
  • Gallery area (Filter Space) operated by our roommates (Filter Photo). This can be used to host meetings, reading groups, studio visits. There are quality exhibits here--spend some time seeing what other artists and photographers have been making!