LATITUDE welcomes approximately one artist in residence per month to the lab each year. Lab staff act as artists' consultants, technical advisors, and assistants, helping bring specific projects and bodies of work to completion. In return, artists are asked to be active as both resources and mentors to the LATITUDE community, sharing their insights and creative methods. The goal of the residency program is to further LATITUDE's mission of promoting creative collaboration between our members and the wider art and photographic communities.

LATITUDE holds an open (and free!) call for residency applicants once per year. The next call will open August 1st, 2018, to select residents for 2019.




This month we are welcoming Cornelia Lein as our artist-in-residence!

Cornelia Lein is a visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. Her works are based on found objects and include digital collage, photography, installation and writing. She studied fine arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and at University of Fine Arts in Brunswick (GER). In 2015 she founded the curatorial project ___TIM NOLAS. Her work has been exhibited within Europe at institutions and museums such as Villa Stuck in Munich, FAIT Galery in Brno, 21er Haus - Museum of Contemporary Art Vienna, MAK, Künstlerhaus and Kunsthalle Vienna and at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg and Brunswick.

Learn more about Cornelia and her work on the blog!